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  • Recently, since 2007, Free has been producing 2D abstract art prints of his glass sculpture, specifically  photographing the macro detail, for the collector’s pleasure of viewing blown glass art larger than life.  Resulting in photography that transcends the boundaries of the original piece to become an abstract view into another world.
  •  In 2005 Free, aka Joe Ward,  started a line of underwater aquarium sculpture called Aquariforms©.  
  •   Another amazing form of art glass sculpture he is constantly creating is Aquaristones©, resembling natural geodes, which are breathtaking inside or outside aquariums.  
  • Alien Worlds are a series of large marbles resembling miniature planets that he has been producing since 2016. 
  • More one-of-a-kind glass artworks are available at 2 Ravens Gallery.

2 Ravens Gallery


Creating borosilicate handblown glass artwork since 1997.

2 Ravens Glass Gallery produces Glass sculpture and abstract art Photography of original glass art subjects, by artist Free, aka Joe Ward.

Artist Bio


Free, aka Joe Ward, has been a Lamp worker since 1997, creating his vision of three dimensional handblown borosilicate glass art.  He photographs his glass art focusing on the macro detail resulting in abstract art eye candy. He is owner of  2 Ravens Gallery in Roswell, New Mexico since 2004 where you can find his photography as well as one-of-a-kind glass art for sale. 

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